Level 3, Level 2 and Apprentice positions may be available if you contact us

Childcare Practitioner

1. Entry requirements

You’ll usually need a level 2 or level 3 qualification in childcare or early years.

The Department for Education (DfE) has information on all approved childcare qualifications.

If you don’t have a level 2 qualification, you can start out by working as a nursery assistant where you’ll be supervised by more experienced staff. This could be a paid job or through volunteering. You could then train while you work.

You may also find it useful to have a level 2 qualification in English and maths which includes functional skills.

You could get into this career through an apprenticeship.

You'll also need a background check by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

2. Skills required

You'll need:

  • excellent communication skills

  • the ability to work with children and their families in a sensitive and positive way

  • creativity and imagination for game playing 

  • planning and organisational skills

    3. What you'll do

    Your day-to-day tasks will include:

  • planning and supervising activities like arts and crafts, music and cooking

  • helping children to learn numeracy and language skills through games

  • taking children on outings

  • feeding and changing babies

  • observing children and making notes to write reports

  • making sure children are safe and well

    With experience, you could become a key worker for one or more children. You'll monitor their progress and share information about their development with parents or carers.